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The Happy Bakery Co. produces delicious homemade goods in a kitchen that handles the following allergens:

  • Eggs

  • Milk

  • Gluten

  • Soya

  • Nuts

  • Tree Nuts

  • Sesame

Our treats are therefore not allergy friendly and we strongly recommend you avoid them if you have any allergies.



All our products are suitable for a halal diet. We even make our own premium vanilla extract, that is alcohol-free.   


All our products are suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Any products labelled as Vegan are produced in a kitchen which routinely handles eggs and dairy therefore there is a risk of cross-contamination. Please avoid our Vegan bakes if you have any egg or dairy allergies.



Due to the legal requirements for producing gluten free bakes, we cannot cater for these dietary needs at present. An entire separate kitchen / unit and equipment is required for gluten-free bakes; which is not currently feasible for our business.

For any further details on allergens and ingredients, please contact us at

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